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Breadboard is a software platform for developing and conducting human interaction experiments on networks. It allows researchers to rapidly design experiments using a flexible domain-specific language and provides researchers with immediate access to a diverse pool of online participants.

Network Science Courses

Courses in Network Science at Yale


AFST 348: Islamic Social Movements

Wyrtzen, Jonathan

Social movement and network theory used to analyze the emergence and evolution of Islamic movements from the early twentieth century to the present. Organization, mobilization, and framing of political, nonpolitical, militant, and nonmilitant movements; transnational dimensions of Islamic activism. Case studies include the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizbollah, Al-Qaeda, Al-Adl wa-Ihsann, and Tablighi Jama’at.

Research Areas

YINS facilitates interdisciplinary research on the scientific frontier. YINS organizes and builds upon existing expertise at Yale, and it encourages collaboration among the social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences. YINS provides a stimulating scientific environment for faculty and develops technical staff (in data management, grant preparation, etc.) to support their activities.


What We Do

By promoting interdisciplinary ventures among Yale faculty, and (eventually) by cultivating contacts with industry, YINS actively promotes excellence in theoretical and applied science. Furthermore, through the development of a data library relevant to network science methods, YINS will promote the application of network science to real problems.

The Institute has three primary goals:


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