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YINS facilitates interdisciplinary research on the scientific frontier. YINS organizes and builds upon existing expertise at Yale, and it encourages collaboration among the social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences. YINS provides a stimulating scientific environment for faculty and develops technical staff (in data management, grant preparation, etc.) to support their activities.


What We Do

By promoting interdisciplinary ventures among Yale faculty, and (eventually) by cultivating contacts with industry, YINS actively promotes excellence in theoretical and applied science. Furthermore, through the development of a data library relevant to network science methods, YINS will promote the application of network science to real problems.

The Institute has three primary goals:

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Our lab integrates biological and social approaches to human nature, in what we call biosocial science. In addition, we bring the power of our species’ newest adaptation to life on this planet – the Internet – into our sphere of inquiry. We do this by exploiting the availability of data regarding the behaviors of millions of people online and also by deploying experiments online in order to study behaviors ranging from cooperation to health-seeking.

April 11, 2013

Yale Institute of Network Science (YINS) To Launch July 1, Christakis and Spielman Inaugural Directors

President-Elect Peter Salovey announced today that Yale will establish an interdisciplinary Institute of Network Science. YINS will be co-directed by sociologist and physician Dr. Nicholas Christakis, who will join the Yale faculty this summer, and Dan Spielman, of Computer Science and Mathematics. The fields involved include engineering, computer science, the social sciences, biology, math, physics, and medicine. In addition to Christakis, affiliated Yale sociologists include Jim Baron, Scott Boorman, Emily Erikson, Marissa King, Andy Papachristos, and Olav Sorenson. May their individual research enterprises – and network interactions – prosper!

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February 5, 2014

YINS Official Launch Event

YINS held its official kickoff event today with an open house at its newly refurbished headquarters, located on the third floor of 17 Hillhouse Avenue. Co-Directors Spielman and Christakis made opening remarks and YINS faculty member Sekhar Tatikonda (Electrical Engineering) relayed the story of the creating of the institute to the crowd of about 200 people. Provost Ben Polak rounded out the speaker list and helped to bring the full support of the university to the launch of this brand new inititiative.

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Welcome to the Yale Institute for Network Science (YINS)

Our interdisciplinary institute focuses on diverse problems and solutions in network science, in the social, physical, biological, and engineering sciences. Our weekly interdisciplinary seminar series involves an outstanding lineup of presenters drawn from throughout Yale and around the world. We are pleased to provide information here about the seminar series and other events at YINS; research by YINS faculty, post-docs, and students; classes and other resources at Yale related to network science; and news about our institute and the field of network science.


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