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Leandros Tassiulas
July 13, 2016

Tassiulas receives ACM Mobihoc 2016 Best Paper Award

Leandros Tassiulas received the ACM Mobihoc 2016 Best Paper Award, for the paper “Throughput-optimal Broadcast in Wireless Networks with Dynamic Topology” co-authored with collaborators Abhishek Sinha and Eytan Modiano from MIT. Mobihoc is the ACM International Symposium on Mobile AdHoc Networking and Computing, one of the premier forums for wireless networking.

Broadcasting is one of the primary information transport modes in a network, where a piece of information needs to be communicated to each and every participant node. It is a key constituent in a lot of today’s  applications that deal with the collection, processing and dissemination of massive amounts of data. In a mobile wireless network where the nodes frequently get disconnected, it becomes fairly challenging to ensure broadcast delivery.  Either multiple, possibly redundant transmissions are needed or atedious bookkeeping  of who heard what and in what precedence. In this paper the authors provide a broadcasting methodology and an algorithm that ensures message delivery in the challenging wireless mobile environment, while at the same time the supported rates of information delivery are maximized. Furthermore they characterize the achieved network capacity.

Emily Hau

Python for Genomic Science

Python for Genomic Science, July 6 - July 18

MW 10am-11:30am

YINS, 17 Hillhouse Ave, Room 335

This course offers an introduction to using Python for genomics. The course was originally developed at Johns Hopkins, as a part of a course sequence in genomic science. The course consists of brief online lectures, 8 short tests and a final exam. No prerequisite, open to all.

Class 1: Wed, July 6 

Overview of Python and first steps towards programming

Class 2: July 11

Data Structures, Ifs and Loops in Python

Class 3: July 13

YINS Summer Seminar

The YINS Summer Seminar Series is designed for students, faculty, and staff of the Yale Institute for Network Science, as well as for their collaborators and summer visitors, to exchange ideas with the rest of the YINS community in a supportive, encouraging environment that promotes learning, individual growth, and the highest standards of academic research. Bring your lunch, and actively join our community!

The YINS Summer Seminar Series will take place on Wednesdays at noon on the 3rd floor of 17 Hillhouse Ave.

YINS Summer Seminar: Mark McKnight

Mark McKnight, “Breadboard: First Slice”

Talk summary: Join Mark McKnight, the lead developer of breadboard, for a 90-minute hands-on workshop. After a brief demo, Mark will lead the participants through downloading and installing breadboard, launching their first game, and making modifications to the included public goods game. 

Breadboard is a software platform for developing and conducting experiments on networks using online participants. Learn more at


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