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YINS Industry Seminar: Vitaly Feldman (Apple AI)

Weekly Seminar
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Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 12:00am
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YINS Industry Seminar

“Hiding Among the Clones: A Simple and Nearly Optimal Analysis of Privacy Amplification by Shuffling”

Speaker: Vitaly Feldman
Research Scientist, Apple AI

Talk summary: Recent work of Erlingsson et al (2019) demonstrates that random shuffling amplifies differential privacy guarantees of locally randomized data. Such amplification implies substantially stronger privacy guarantees for systems in which data is contributed anonymously and has lead to significant interest in the shuffle model of privacy.
We show that random shuffling of $n$ data records that are input to $\epsilon_0$-differentially private local randomizers results in an $(O((1-e^{-\epsilon_0})\sqrt{\frac{e^{\epsilon_0}\log(1/\delta)}{n}}), \delta)$-differentially private algorithm. This significantly improves over previous work and achieves the asymptotically optimal dependence in $\epsilon_0$. Our result is based on a new approach that is simpler than previous work and extends to approximate differential privacy with nearly the same guarantees. Importantly, our work also yields an algorithm for deriving tighter bounds on the resulting $\epsilon$ and $\delta$ as well as Renyi differential privacy guarantees. We show numerically that our algorithm gets to within a small constant factor of the optimal bound. As a direct corollary of our analysis we derive a simple and asymptotically optimal algorithm for discrete distribution estimation in the shuffle model of privacy. We also observe that our result implies the first asymptotically optimal privacy analysis of noisy stochastic gradient descent that applies to sampling without replacement.
Joint work with Audra McMillan and Kunal Talwar

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Speaker bio: Vitaly Feldman is a research scientist at Apple AI Research working on foundations of machine learning and privacy-preserving data analysis. His recent research interests include tools for analysis of generalization, distributed privacy-preserving learning, privacy-preserving optimization, and adaptive data analysis.    
Vitaly holds a Ph.D. from Harvard (2006, advised by Leslie Valiant) and was previously a research scientist at Google Research (Brain team) and IBM Research - Almaden. His work was recognized by the COLT Best Student Paper Award in 2005 and 2013 (student co-authored) and by the IBM Research Best Paper Award in 2014, 2015 and 2016. His recent research on foundations of adaptive data analysis has been featured in CACM Research Highlights, Science, and the research blogs of IBM, Google, and Microsoft. He served as a program co-chair for COLT 2016 and ALT 2021 conferences and as a co-organizer of the Simons Institute Program on Data Privacy in 2019.