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October 6, 2020

Yale researchers collaborated with Tata Consultancy Services to design a data-sharing infrastructure for environments with no internet access.

Brought together by the Yale-Tata alliance,...

June 8, 2020

ACM SIGMETRICS is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Leandros Tassiulas of Yale University as the recipient of the 2020 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award in recognition of his influential...

Nikolaos Papadis
October 11, 2019

YINS PhD candidate Nikolaos Papadis has been awarded the 2019 IBM PhD Fellowship. Nikolaos is an Electrical Engineering PhD candidate working with Professor Leandros Tassiulas, the John C. Malone...

Marcus Alexander
October 11, 2019

Marcus Alexander talks about the Microbiome Biology and Social Networks in the Developing World project on The MacMillan Report.  

Link to video:
Mehraveh Salehi
May 24, 2019

Mehraveh Salehi has spent the last few years working on a thesis that combines neuroscience, statistics, and data science and challenges conventions in each of those fields. It also sheds light on...

January 17, 2019

Can our gut bacteria influence our social status and popularity? This is one of the many...

Amin Karbasi
December 13, 2018

This story originally appeared in Yale Engineering magazine.

Whether you’re figuring out the best place to catch an Uber ride or mapping the human brain, there’s a better, faster way to do...