Network Solutions Service

Network Science Solutions Service

YINS provides consultations aimed at steering individuals with network questions and problems toward appropriate solutions. The service is open to faculty, researcher, postdoc, graduate and undergraduate student in Yale. Consultants can offer advice on network-related topics including modeling, partition, analysis, visualization, etc., and also on general questions related to data analysis, statistics, and software (R, Python).

Our current consultant is Anderson Zhang, a PhD candidate from Statistics department. The form of consultation depends on the need, varying from a question-and-answer mode to help people with particular questions, to a deep involvement in research projects. We offer weekly “office hours” on 9:30-11:30am Tue & Thu, in Room 321, 17 Hillhouse Avenue. You are welcomed to drop in, but please check the schedule first in case of cancellation or sub-request. We can also arrange appointments. If you have any question, contact our consultant by

This program is co-organized by Yale StatLab. Click here (1,2) to see other locations, consultations, and workshops provided by StatLab.

Former consultant:

James Williams, PhD 16’ in Applied Mathematics